Starting from the beginning, what started your artistic career and fearless drive?! You’ve made it so far, so young!

You are kind to say that! Thank you! My mom always told me that when she was pregnant with me, a wave of creativity overcame her. I like to think this is where it all began. Art has always played a huge role in my life and I studied it all the way through college. It has always been one of those things in my life that I knew I was supposed to be doing.

We know about your love for travel, and share the same obsession! How have you dealt with that wanderlust feeling during the pandemic? Have you channeled it into your artwork at all?

Gosh. This is hard. I can't tell you how often I get on NY Times travel to read articles about where we can and can't go right now. My soul hurts from the lack of travel in my life. While I have not been on a plane in almost a year ( what!?) I have tried to scratch the itch by traveling to places near me. I've sent a lot of time in the mountains of North Carolina. While travel is usually such a huge source of inspiration, I am trying to look elsewhere for it during this crazy time.

What is your favorite collection of artwork that you have worked on, if you are able to name a few.

A series of paintings of Venice Bungalows + My Jackson Hole Collection. 2 places that speak to my heart big time.

When did you realize that your artwork could become a business? When did that transition begin?

In 2014. The transition began when I sold 6 small pieces in a day. I knew I could do it.

Let’s talk about life in SC…do you host a lot of dinner parties?! Do you bring your artistic talents into the kitchen?

Dinner the summer, we love to host in our backyard. That aside, I LOVE to cook for my husband and myself when I have time ( weekends). I really love to read cookbooks and bake.


When hosting, what makes the evening for you?

Laughter. There's nothing better than looking around and seeing your friends or family super comfortable ( I feel honored when someone takes their shoes off and cozies up on my couch), drink in hand and laughing. I hate a stuffy party.

How has your work as an artist influenced the design of your own home? Do you think that your artistry has spilled into the interior design of it?

YES. So much. My home is really just another medium for my work.

Any bigs plans for 2021? Either personal goals or work related!

Yes. Where do I begin? My goal is to really work on growing my line of textiles, wallpapers by taking it to market and spreading the word. The second goal is to partner with more amazing female led companies to license my artwork. I want to grow my annual profitability in order to grow my team - I hope to hire a a designer and a sales associate in the next year.

One piece of advice to young women in the creative world...and how to stay motivated when running your own business!

Network. Get advice. Stay in touch. If you dont know the answer, ask.'re invited to dinner by your absolute idol; who is it, and what do you envision the evening to look like?

Gosh. Right now, an idol of mine is Whitney Wolfe, the CEO of Bumble. She was a sorority sister of mine (we didn't know each other very well) but I am so mind-blown by the incredible work she has done. I did a happy dance when Bumble went public last week. She is leading the way for females in business. I'd love to just have a low key dinner - maybe grab a marg + tacos and chat.