Sara Frost, founder of Spooning with Sara, is an entrepreneur with a mission we at Indigo immediately fell in love with; combining food, drinks, music & community all into one incredible evening. What started as hosting a dinner for eight, soon turned into multiple dinners with a larger crowd and people from all steps of life. With a mix of her incredible dishes, along with great ambiance and community, "Spooning Events" started popping up all over LA. We had the opportunity to sit down with Sara and dive into how it all began, and the amazing direction in which her brand is going. 

Let’s start from the beginning…what brought you to LA, and what got you into chefs life?!

A completely different career path initially brought me out to LA; having a career in food wasn't even on my radar four years ago! But in retrospect, I always felt a true need to cook, to investigate different flavors and cuisines and to bring people around a table to share a meal. Back in 2017, I found myself waking up and wanting to do nothing but cook. For that year, I started cooking in professional kitchens in the early mornings, before my 'real job' took place. Simply put, I kept falling more in love with cooking and finally decided to switch gears. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith three years ago to pursue being a chef full time. I haven't looked back once.

What does the process look like when you’re whipping up a new recipe? How are you inspired? 

Inspiration is everywhere! But one big thing I do so, if it don't recognize a spice or other ingredient at the supermarket, I bring it home and try it out. Cooking involves all your senses and is a ton of muscle memory, and so when you (mindfully) try something for the first time, your body will remember it next time and you'll have a better idea of how to use it. When coming up with new recipes, I try to visualize it on a plate and then figure out how to make sure it is bursting with flavor, but always balanced (and full of color!).

I’ve heard through the grapevine that you and your boyfriend have an unbelievable you pull from there often for your meals?

We DID! Ugh I miss it. We moved this past June, but my boyfriend, Jake, grew this incredible garden from scratch while we were there. It takes so much patience and I was so impressed with him. I had almost nothing to do with it, but I for sure got to reap the benefits of his labor!

When not cooking, what are some activities you like to partake in?

Sumac, Tahini, Dijon (and flakey salt, ACV & red onion)...

What is your number one rule in the kitchen?

Keep your counter space and cabinets organized and clean as you go!

Entertaining has obviously changed a bit during these times...what does that look like for you these days?

I've been teaching virtual cooking lessons for individuals, families and corporate teams since May and absolutely love it! It's such a different experience with every group I teach and there hasn't been a class yet that I haven't laughed my ass off during. It's a really great time all around. Even though bookings are starting to creep back in, I think I'll always keep teaching these cooking classes

What is the next meal on the docket today?

Ooo... I'm off today, which means I get to really put energy into cooking for myself tonight. I think I'm going to make a mean lentil soup, whole roast cauliflower with poached currants and tahini and a good ol' rib eye steak. (I don't know how to do 'small'....).

Where is your go to for produce and meat? Any secret spots in LA we should know about? 

Whole Foods on Santa Monica and Fairfax is my daily spot! I know all the butchers and fishmongers there, but I always love the Santa Monica Farmers Market, the Hollywood Farmers Market, Melrose Place Farmers Market. Bristol Farms is also great for produce. Huntington Meats and Belcampo for meats and Monsieur Marcel and Eataly if you want to splurge a little on seafood! Domaine on Melrose for natural wines. I could go on and on...

Your ebook is amazing and such a success!! Do you have any tips for female entrepreneurs to enhance their business and build up confidence?

First off, thank you! It was such an undertaking and I learned so much from the experience. In terms of advice, I could speak for hours on this, but the best advice that I've been given is 1. Keep on top of your bookkeeping. Don't let it slip through the cracks and make sure you're not putting your life savings into an idea until you have a proof of concept... Don't quit your dayjob until you have all your ducks in a row. Take risks, but not huge financial risks. 2. Ask for help and ask for what you want. Some people will say no, but most people will say yes. Do it. 3. It's the hardest thing to put a price on your own work, but do not undervalue yourself. Think about the hours put into X project and pay yourself like you'd want your best friend to be paid. You don't want to pigeon yourself into a smaller price point early on.